Nostalgia Photos from the "Clan".

This page will be used to show photos from the past, preferably but not exclusively, from more than fifty years ago. Current and more recent photographs will be shown on the basic web page. Initially I will start with photos in my possession but I hope some of you will come up with some old pictures that you would like to share with all of us.

(When you send photos you may send them electronically or by regular mail. All prints will be returned to sender.)

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(Above pictures submitted by Art Wiggins.)

(Above two pictures submitted by Jim Wiggins.)

(Above pictures submitted by Roselma DeSellems.)

(Above pictures submitted by Eleanor Kolb.)

(Above pictures submitted by Margaret Frost.)


This section was added Sept. 10, 2004. It is a bit out of date but will be brought up to date as information is received. In the meantime it is hoped that what is there will provide information as to birth dates, marriages, etc., for those listed. Please send any information you have and it will be included. Please check for accuracy and advise of errors or changes needed.

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