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As it looked in 1898.* (Among others are shown J. B. Wiggins, Jenny Wiggins, their children I. B. , James A.,, and Mathilda).* As it looked in 1986 after sitting empty for years.* Nearing end of restoration by Anne & Mark Detweiler, present owners.*

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When I attended the 2004 reunion of the "Clan" the thought occurred to me that a simple website might serve to keep us all informed, to show pictures, and to be of help in getting the next reunion underway. How this site will develop is just anybody's guess. Suggestions are solicited and will be welcome.

Note: It is hoped that those of you reading this on the computer will endeavor to
show it to those who may still be (indeed, prefer to be) computer-challenged.


Here it is planned to list any news items that might be of interest to others. If you have anything for here please send me an email with the information and I will post it. You know, kids off to college, graduations, new jobs, etc. Each item will be deleted after a few months. Older versions of this page will eventually be sent to a new archives section (just being developed).

Current News As Of August 2008.

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News From Earlier Years.

New Ensign !

Steven Steinmetz was commissioned at Ohio's Miami University as an Ensign in the United States Navy. Steven is now in Pensacola NAS since March of 2005 taking flight training to become a Naval Aviator. Congratulations and best wishes ! At the 2006 reunion we learned that Steve has chosen helicopters for his advanced training.

Prof. Bob Brakenridge.

Bob, previously present at our reunions, is actively traveling the world in his work for Dartmouth, primarily under contract with NASA. Most of the work involves satellite imagery and mapping in connection with flood control. He is frequently a speaker at seminars both here and at foreign locations. He has been author or co-author of many publications on the subject and has received a number of awards for his work.


Here it is planned to show photos of "The Good Ol' Days" using photos sent to me by any of you readers. Mostly I want to show pictures of things as they were about fifty years ago so dig up some of those old shots and provide them to me by whatever method you choose, electronic or prints. Prints will be returned. Newer pictures are o.k as long as there is some nostalgia in them.

I need pictures of the IB Wiggins house and other buildings as well as people pictures of older times. This page may be viewed by clicking here.


This section was added Sept. 10, 2004. It is a bit out of date but will be brought up to date as information is received. In the meantime it is hoped that what is there will provide information as to birth dates, marriages, etc., for those listed. Please send any information you have and it will be included. Check for accuracy.

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Twenty-nine family members,including their spouses, children, and one of Roselma's great grandchilden met again in Uniontown to renew acquaintances and to catch up on the latest family news. If I have this right there were four generations represented (although just barely, thanks to the attendance of Wayne DeSellems with little Jayden).

Attendance was off slightly due partly to gas costs and, I suspect, the fact that the exciting activities we engaged in may not have had such a great appeal to the younger folks who were not there. We all had a great time, though, and enjoyed fine dining at the Summit Hotel as the formal part of the meeting. (All golfers take note: Wall posters in the hotel revealed that in the good ol' days a round of golf cost $1.00. But then, they did not have gas or electric carts!).

Sunday was a beautiful day and cooler than most of us have had for a while. Rain threatened but Jim D. successfully did his anti-rain dance and the weather continued fine all through the traditional mountain picnic. We had a fine feed at Lick Hollow Park part way up to the Summit. Perhaps too many names to mention but again the food prepared by those folks was as good and plentiful as one could wish. Dessert of watermellon concluded the meal. We were blessed not to have the usual swarm of flies and yellow jackets that often attend such an event.

Mid-afternoon the picnic goers began to disband, most returning to homes and motels to continue their fellowship. A few (particularly the Indiana contingent) left for the long trip home immediatly after the picnic.

It may be the shot of mountain air or all the good food but the five I.B.Wiggins cousins looked as good as they did five years earlier. To confirm this opinion just look at the group picture (see above).

Wayne DeSellems has offered to contact some of his peers to get some opinion as to what they would like to see at the reunion to make it more attractive to them. I do think that we need to "jazz" things up a bit to get some of them to come. We will see what happens in 2010. See you all then!

This year your writer is trying something different with all the photos that were taken (everywhere you looked there seemed to be a camera going off). Instead of tying the pictures directly to this website they will be put onto an on-line server named Flickr. That allows the use of as many pictures as we want and with less of an effort to present them. You merely have to click here. to see the pictures. There are several ways to look at the pictures, the simplest to use is to just click on "Slideshow" in the upper right part of the screen and just sit back.

Let me know what you think of this and please send me reunion photos and nostalgia photos. Prints and slides will be returned.


About 32 members, consisting of descendants, spouses, and children of the Wiggins family, gathered Sunday evening at the Summit Hotel for their seventh reunion. This covers the amazing time period of 21 years! While, sadly, a few faces are missing from the 1985 date, you can almost literally see the younger members growing into adulthood.

The usual group photo was taken after which we went to dinner.

A long period of socializing and catching up preceded a dinner in the Firestone room. A few remarks were given and, near the end, Diane Kolb read some humor from the internet world. The cake was decorated with a surprisingly accurate embedded photograph of I.B. Wiggins, his wife Ida, and, I am sure I recognized, their old Nash. After dinner the group dispersed to their various habitats for the night, some staying at the Summit, and some returning to Uniontown only about a 15-minute drive on the new route 40. George Washington should have had it so easy when he traversed these hills by horseback.

At noon the next day we gathered at Lick Hollow State Park, a short distance up the mountain, where we enjoyed another picnic, again favored by good weather albeit a bit humid. The various types of bees enjoyed the repast set out for them as did we. For those willing to walk about another 100 yards we got a good look at one of the state's bear traps mounted on a trailer and, as they say, "loaded for bear". Flowers left from the night before added that little touch that gave things at the picnic a festive air.

A new wrinkle this year was the display of a number of nostalgic photos from "the good ol' days". These were spread on one of the tables, both at the dinner and at the picnic, and provided all, especially the younger members, with pictures of how things used to be. Some of these will be reproduced on this site on our Nostalgia page.

Jim DeSellems spoke and reminded everyone that we'll be doing this again in two years. Our thanks to Jim, Linda, Carolyn, and all the others who contributed to making this event a success.

A number of folks had to depart a bit early; however, I'll bet all were gone before the bears arrived to piece on the morsels left in the garbage cans.

Plans for this site include showing lots of pictures and to carry news items from time to time. If you have a favorite picture of an event please send it to me, either by mail or by email and it will go on here. Nothing firm yet but I may select and feature the "picture of the month" as time and space permit.

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Welcome to our town.* At the Cross.* View from on high.* And from the top (whew!).* Challengers.* Allie (sp?) up our alley..* A happy five.* Tim and Katherine.* Just sittn' and talkin'.* "Pretty in Pink" (and Yellow. too!).* This takes the cake!.* Nine dine.* And another nine.* Adam and Mom.* Would you buy a used car from this guy?* What can I say?* Jim tells a funny one.* At Ohiopyle Falls.* Crowded at the Falls.* More falls.* At the farm.* With Jamie (in front) who lives here.* Tracey & Adam at farm.* More challengers.* Farmhouse today.* Farmhouse flowers.* Puttin' on the feedbag.* Beware the bare.* What we do best.* Lookin' at pics.* Say cheese!.* On the rocks, please.* Patriotic Picnic.* The End.*

Above Photos Submitted by Art Wiggins

And let me say this...* In spring.....* Nothing for Brenton?* "By The Rude Bridge----".* There's something down there !* We're not always this blurry.* Just lemme at it* Splash !* Just guys* Splash II* Stomach* Stomach gone* Hot new novel !* Lovely flowers. See them on table?* Don't shoot !* Hi Vi* Lookin' at pics * Still some left *

Above Photos Submitted by Carolyn Steinmetz

David Frost: missed the reunion but here are a few pictures he sent to let us know all is well in Hawaii.

View from their condo.*Looking down from mountain in first picture.*Ditto.*

I am also looking for any newsy items - promotions, awards, marriages, anything published, etc. Let's keep the news section active.

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